Gencon Elemental PvE Deck

As you are no doubt aware, Gencon was a couple of weeks ago and with it came the Hex Convocation event, where players in the game were able to get the unique promo cards available at Gencon itself. This year the selection was much wider than before – 3 new PvE cards and a full set of equipment for them, which form the core of an interesting deck type. I managed to pick up a full set of everything through a combination of hardcore arena grinding and buying stuff from the Auction House, and I’ve been playing with a deck based on them over the last week. Here’s the deck I came up with.

Gencon Elemental Deck







I’ve found this deck to be incredibly effective, and it’s also very fun to play – there are lots of different interactions going on, so you frequently have really interesting turns that have a lot going on in them. Your main work-horses here are going to be Storm of the Century and the combination of the Stormlings (Bittybolt, Thunderpuff and Splashy) generated by your Storm Clouds and Air Superiority. The Stormlings alone are pretty effective – it’s not unusual to generate 5 or more tokens on your Clouds due to all the extra charges the deck can generate (Lightning Elemental generates one every time it hits, Cloud Queen can be sacrificed to generate 2, and the Crackling actions generate charges too) and when combined with Air Superiority you’ll end up with a pretty big army of 2/2 fliers. It will be a pretty rare game that you don’t win quickly after that.

As for Storm of the Century, this thing is a beast. It’s very easy to to get enough tokens on there that when it’s played it will essentially becomes a board wipe, dishing out enough damage that even when distributed randomly will take out most, if not all, of the opposing troops on the board. If there are no troops on the board, then it’s just a shed-load of damage straight to the enemy, and if you get two of them in play then again, it’s almost certainly a quick win even if the enemy has a board full of troops. Combined with the fact that you can play it for free when you have 4 elementals on the board – not difficult when you factor in Tetzot’s charge power and the Cloud Queen equipment that also creates a Storm Cloud when she comes into play – and you’ve got a real powerhouse here.

Cloud King is great for comboing with its ability to pull other elementals out of the graveyard, letting you get more Storm Clouds in play and more charges from your Cloud Queens, and with the equipment is also a 4/6 himself which is nothing to sneer at, especially since gaining charges reduces its cost to nice reasonable numbers. This can really help you get out of some sticky situations, but is most impressive when used against Xarlox – the nightmare arena encounter everyone hates. After Xarlox has milled away half your deck and destroyed all your troops with giant horrible spiders, you drop a Cloud King and bring them all back, triggering all your cloud abilities until you have a huge army of fliers. As long as you can survive his milling for another turn after that, the game will almost certainly end in your favour.

Die, Xarlox!

Die, Xarlox!

The Sandstone Rumbler is nice just for deck synergy, and the gem ability to hit the enemy champion for 5 when it comes into play can help close out games that might be stalling a bit because you’ve not drawn the right cards. The actions in the deck are mostly down to personal taste – the extra charges generated by Crackling Bolt/Wit help a lot and the card draw from Arcane Focus and the Adaptable Infusion Device (which also helps avoid shard-screw) are obviously helpful getting down to the cards you need. You can swap them for anything else you might feel you need though and it probably wouldn’t disrupt the deck too much. The same goes for the champion – it synergizes really well with the deck but you could swap it for something like Sir Giles Rowan or Poca, The Conflagrator just as easily.

The biggest issue the deck has is it’s cost. If you were following the convocation event at all, you’re probably aware of the rarity of some of these cards and equipment, most notably the Stormcoat which currently lists for silly amounts of platinum. Luckily, the only piece of equipment that I would consider to be vital is the Lantern of the Cloud Queen (and to a lesser extent the Slippers of the Cloud Queen) as these let you get a free Storm Cloud with your Queens and, with the slippers get them for only 3 resources. The other equipment obviously helps a lot – generating counters on your Storm of the Century for gaining charges is a huge boon, and being able to play it for free when you have 4 elements in play is obviously nuts but you can do ok without either them. The Cloud King’s head piece isn’t a big deal really – with it you get all elementals back with his trigger power instead of just your clouds, but by the time you use that power you’ll only really need the clouds anyway.

Out of the convocation-exclusive cards, I’d consider the Cloud Queen to be the only one that’s absolutely vital – Storm of the Century is great but you can almost certainly make a version of the deck that works without it, and Storm King is fairly situational (although as I said, makes the Xarlox fight a lot easier, which is definitely something to consider.) Outside of those, the rest of the cards in the deck are pretty easy to get hold of. If you need replacements, you have a few options. Adding more Sandstone Rumblers is the obvious one, and the Cerulean Mirror Knight works great for generating extra cards if you have any in your collection (all troops in the deck, including all of the Storm Clouds‘ stormlings are cost 2+, so they trigger the effect.) Water Elementals are interesting, and would work well for generating extra tokens on Storm of the Century if you are missing the Stormcoat, but they themselves are unfortunately expensive right now too.

Another option to consider is splashing into Diamond. This gives you access to the Air Elemental, which has great synergy with the rest of the deck, and the Ambling Bluff which, while unremarkable is another elemental none-the-less. Replacing the Adaptable Infusion Device with either some Hex Geodes or the Resource Optimising Infusion Device will help you get the threshold you need and give you access to a whole bunch of neat Diamond actions that you can then include in the deck. Other potential cards you can add in include the Bottled Vitae, Verdict of the Ancient Kings or Countermagic, although you’ll likely not get much use out of those interrupts in the early game as all of those resources should be spent playing Lightning Elementals and your Clouds.

So, there’s my Elemental Deck. I’ve managed to defeat every Champion in the Arena with it (except Uruunaz, who I still haven’t encountered!) and it’s really fun to play. The biggest downside is that due to its cost/rarity, not as many people will be able to play it. If you’ve got your own version of the deck, or have suggestions for changes then feel free to drop a comment below or hit me up on twitter.

Next time- a Shin’hare arena deck I’ve been toying with!

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