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Earlier this week, Josh Augustine of the Threshold Podcast posted a Wild PvE deck for running the arena with – you can check it out here. It looked pretty interesting so I decided to give it a go, and it works really well. It’s very effective and is a lot of fun to play, and most of the cards in it are relatively cheap so it’s easy to put together. I’ve been playing with it a bunch over the last few days and have come up with a modified version of it which I figured I would share. Full credit to Josh for this – I’m just toying with his hard work!

The Deck







You can read the general idea behind the deck in the original article, but the general idea is that you stall out your opponent using things like the Vine Trap and Thorntongue Snapdragon until you have built up enough to swing in and destroy them. Mainly the changes I’ve made revolve around increasing the synergy between the plant type troops in the deck. The addition of the Plant Gardens and Heart of the Wrathwoods increase the number of plants in the deck that can be hit by the boot equipment and can get buffed by the Bramble Creeper effect, and the increase in plants works really well with the Spore Stalks you get from the Plant Garden – its usually effective enough to end the game one or two turns after the Spore Stalks enter play. Obviously the Heart of the Wrathwood fits in really well as you either have a nice big hitter, which keeps increasing in size as you gain extra resources, or a whole bunch of extra plants to work with if it gets killed. Jadiim and Wreckasaurus are pretty much there to help beat your opponent down if they are blocking you too much.

Special note should go to the Giant Caterpillar – although it isn’t a plant, probably close to half the games I’ve played with this deck have been won by the caterpillar transforming into the Giant Butterfly and stopping the enemy troops from attacking.

There are a number of cards you can swap depending on your taste and what you have available. Jadiim and the Heart of the Wrathwood can reasonably be swapped with any big hitters (although I would avoid the Wrathwood Colossus, as you might find it hard getting it into play with this deck.) I included the Heart of the Wrathwood because it synergises well with the rest of the deck and I got lucky with my AoM boosters, so I had 3 of them on hand anyway but your big hitter of choice will work equally well. If you find yourself coming up short in that area, you can include a couple of Onslaughts instead to help drive things home.

Any of the actions can be swapped with pretty much anything else you want too – I like having the combat tricks to protect my troops from enemy blockers, and the Survival of the Fittest is a just-in-case card, but neither of them are essential.

The biggest upgrade I think you could get is to include some Wrathwood Master Moss. I don’t have any myself, but if I did I would probably swap out Jadiim, or maybe the Wreckasaurus‘ (or both, if I had 4 of them) because as well as being a plant, which obviously helps a lot in this deck, it also lets you use the Mossling Dandelion equipment which gives all of your plants Spellshield. Obviously this is pretty useful in general, but the specific case I’m thinking of is Xarlox the Brood Lord – the arena opponent everyone hates. Having Spellshield on most of your troops won’t stop the mill or the giant spiders being created, but it will stop them stomping your entire field in a single turn.

Performance wise, this deck does really well against almost all the arena opponents. The only ones it really struggles with are the aforementioned Xarlox, and the War Bot. The War Bot is frustrating, but you only have to fight it once even if you lose. Josh mentions in his original article that the War Bot won’t use its void power if you have a single Caterpillar/Butterfly out, which will basically win you the game (though I’ve not been lucky enough to see that myself) but otherwise this is a pretty challenging fight. Xarlox, as he is in most cases, is a flat out nightmare. The only way I’ve managed to beat him with this deck so far is to sacrifice a Moon’ariu Sensei and apply the equipment-granted buff to a Caterpillar/Butterfly in the hopes that you get Spellshield. If you do, you will basically win the match if you can kill him before he mills you out – the Giant Butterfly effect will stop all of the enemy spiders from attacking, and Spellshield protects it against the Terrorantula effect. Having the Wrathwood Master Moss equipment obviously means you won’t be able to give Spellshield to your Butterflies this way, since that and the Moon’ariu equipment are both trinkets, but I suspect having most of your troops Spellshielded will be much more useful, and obviously a lot more reliable.

So, there you go. If you have any suggestions for changes, feel free to comment or hit me up on twitter, and thanks to Josh for the original decklist!

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