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Alpha is but a few days away and the full card spoiler is imminent – to celebrate that, I’m going to run a little competition! More of a raffle, really, but more on that later. First I want to talk briefly about what we learned in yesterday’s update. (If you only care about the competition, you can just skip down to the bottom!)

First off, the full card list for Set 1 along with a rules guide are on the way! Of course, we already knew these things were coming, but it’s nice to have them confirmed. There’s no specific date mentioned for when they are due, but expect it to be soon – the alpha is due for release on Tuesday and I imagine it will be before that.There are still quite a lot of cards in the set that we haven’t seen, so expect some frantic activity in the community when the list is released!

competition stampede

The above piece of art was featured in the Kickstarter update, and isn’t something we’ve seen before. It’s a nice piece, very colourful, and it kind of reminds me of the Magic card Overwhelming Stampede. I’ve been hoping for a card like that in Hex, so could this be the art for it? I guess we’ll find out soon enough!

As mentioned in my own Exclusive Preview, quite a few other community sites got some preview cards. I included most of them in the last post, but a few were released afterwards. So, for the sake of completion, here they are!

– Funktion previews Shrewd Manipulation on his youtube channel.
– Hex Realms’ second card was the Carrion Ooze.
– Over at the Threshold Podcast, they revealed Reginald Lancashire.

Some very interesting cards! I especially like Inigo MontoReginald Lancashire and his stylish moustache and hat. We’re all about hats, here!

Finally, Cryptozoic announced that they will be doing another live Hex stream on the day the Alpha launches (the 8th, at noon), featuring Cory Jones himself facing off against Hex Vault’s Colin! Since it’s unlikely I’ll be getting into Alpha on the first day (access is being given out in waves based on Kickstarter tier, and I only backed at the King level, something I’ve been endlessly kicking myself over for months) I’m really looking forward to getting this vicarious Hex fix!

The Competition

Ok, onto the reason most of you are reading this – the competition! As I said, it’s more of a raffle really, split into 3 separate give-aways.

– To help announce the fact that Casual Hex now has a Facebook page (social media woo etc.), the first part of the competition simply involves Liking the page! You can do that on the page itself or just click the Like button on the right side of the site here. Anyone who does that will be entered in this give-away.

– The second give-away just involves following the Casual Hex twitter account. Anyone following the account by the time the competition ends will be entered into this part of the give-away!

– Finally, the third part of the competition involves interacting with the site! All you need to do is comment on an article on the site and you’ll be in with a shot. Unlike the previous two parts, you can enter this one multiple times by commenting on multiple articles, but only one comment per article will be accepted, and your comments must at least pretend to be meaningful. If I think you’re mindlessly spamming the site just to win, your comments will be deleted. Only this article, and articles posted after this one will count too, so while comments are my older articles are appreciated, they won’t count for entry in the competition.

So, what are the prizes for all this? Boosters, of course! The winner of each raffle will receive 5 booster packs, to be given out once Beta starts and the Kickstarter backers get their rewards. The competition will run until the 25th of October, and once it closes, the winners from each pool will be picked at random. A random person who Liked the Facebook page will receive some boosters, a random person who followed on twitter will get some, and a random commenter on the site will also get some – enter all 3 and you’ll have more chances to win! That’s all there is too it!

So, there you go. Perform some super easy tasks and be in with a shot at winning some boosters! Sounds like a pretty good deal to me, if I do say so myself.

That’s all for today! Check back next time, when I reveal which house hold appliance might accidentally set the atmosphere on fire if misused!

48 thoughts on “Competition – Booster Giveaway

  1. Must admit, that this competition has drawn me to this site, but it’s just a nice incentive on top of having all these great articles to read, I look forward to more of them.

  2. Good to see all these great community sites having cool events and competitions in addition to awesome content!

    • There’s no specific account registering, no, but you can subscribe to the site by either checking the boxes on the comment section, or entering your email address in the box on the right of the page.

  3. I must say that it is really nice that there are so many sites that are contributing to and helping this new community that is rapidly being made.

  4. I gotta say, I’m a fan of the site, but have never been a big on commenting. I never feel like I have anything to add, especially since I’m so noob to card games. Maybe I’ll just have to comment more with my possibly stupid comments. 🙂

  5. Thanks for holding this competition, hopefully it attracts some more people and ignite some discussions here and there.

  6. One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about Hex so far is the community. People stepping up to help complete strangers by offering free boosters, special cards, and even trips to events! It’s pretty amazing and bodes well for the health and future of the game. 🙂

    Aswan Jaguar

  7. This sounds like loads of fun… Here’s hoping that this community is better than Hearthstone’s. Its getting pretty toxic over there.

    • Still waiting on a beta invite to that although I guess I’m not surprised the community might be a bit crappy since I’m sure it brought in a lot of wow players. Game looks fun but I’m definitely more invested in hex.

  8. That’s very nice of you!

    Have gotten very excited for Hex all of a sudden (did the Slacker Backer thing last night), and am now kicking myself I didn’t KickStart it back in May!!

  9. I really enjoy your site and am glad to see you guys doing giveaways too. I can’t wait for alpha although I guess I will be waiting too since I couldn’t swing pledging at the 250 level!

  10. Oh my… Even more reasons to be exited for alpha release… ToT
    Anyways.. I’ve even broke my rule of no using twitter long time ago just to follow all Hex related accounts

  11. I really like all the art that’s been released for the Hex cards so far – it’s all been really well done. I can’t wait to actually play the game next week!

  12. Great raffles, really like the idea, but I’m honestly slightly confused about the Reginald Lancashire card. The “It destroys you” can’t possibly mean that enemy is killed regardless of Health, right? That just seems extremely overpowering.

    • That’s exactly what happens. Reginald has to damage your opponent (he sneaks behind enemy lines), you and your opponent draw 3 cards (Oh no! What is that shadow over there? Is it Reginald, come to assassinate me?), and then if Reginald shows up in your opponent’s hand or graveyard, he springs his surprise attack and finishes them!

      Love the flavor, and in order for him to win the game for you, you have to first get him through your opponents blockers, and then you have to wait for him to work his way through your opponents ~45 card deck. Not exactly easy.

  13. I made th same mistake Rensole. I didn’t realize you put him in your OPPONENTS deck. So he is the ultimate booby trap

  14. I think this is a great idea and will likely draw more viewers to the site. I always appreciate a chance to win free stuff and to support the Hex community.

  15. I can say that Tuesday is going to be one hell of a day! I for one can’t wait to see the rest of set 1. By the time beta/release hits we are going to know set 1 inside out and have some well refined decks to build. Here’s hoping that everyone finds their card be it in their boosters or drafts!

  16. im just comment in this one and… thanks for the competition, things like this help to make a better community. 🙂

  17. Nice idea to boost the popularity of the site. I’ll definitely be following your new posts. Can’t wait until next week!

  18. Looking forward to the alpha! I have really high hopes for this game, trying my best to get my friends to notice it as well.

  19. Been following the twitter for a while. I went and liked the fb page. Looking forward for a chance to win some more draft/sealed fodder. 😀

  20. Job well done, this raffle got you a like, a follow and some comments from me 😀

    I hope your updates and posts turn out to be good readings instead of mindless spam!

  21. Glad I found your site! This is a generous giveaway and I appreciate being able to take part in it. Look forward to reading upcoming articles ^_^

  22. As a complete noob at TCG’s I’m searching for as much info on Hex as I can find. I missed the KS but did get in on the Slacker Backer, so really excited to get started. Here’s wishing everyone good luck in the competition!

  23. Hi, i was looking for more informations on Hex TCG and i found your site wich have a really interesting content.

    It’s really kind of you to make such event.

  24. Very cool that you guys are doing this. Somehow missed the earlier announcement in my RSS feed, glad i caught it!

  25. Well, took time to read all this and all the comments, and I can back on one thing for sure : the great thing about Hex is the community. Really enjoying seeing all this appening.

  26. I feel like inspire is going to be really strong, but I have yet to see it be consistent. Any idea why? (Assuming they fixed blessing of the fallen)

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