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The latest video created by Funktion is a list of the top 5 cards he’s most hyped about for Hex. Since my goal with Casual Hex is to bring you interesting and original content, I’m going to steal his idea and do the same thing! So, here is a list of my top 5 cards!

Note that these aren’t necessarily based just on the supposed quality of the cards – art and general flavour are considerations too.

top 5 te'talca

Choppy chop chop (click to enlarge)

Number 5 in the top 5 is Te’talca! Starting off as Te’talca, Orc Gladiator, using her ability to score a kill transforms her into Te’talca The Ascended (who has now been renamed to Te’tacla, High Cleric, and both forms given new art, as can be seen on the DragonCon sliders over at Hex Vault.) I really like this card for a few reasons; for starters, I think the art on both cards is great (and I actually like the newer art even more.) Secondly, it tells a nice little story using the mechanics of the card. For those not familiar with the lore, Orcs become High Clerics by winning 100 matches in the Arena and then defeating another one of the High Clerics – this card represents Te’talca’s final victory before taking up the mantle of High Cleric. The little touches like this are one of the reasons I’m really looking forward to Hex.

The biggest thing here is obviously the effect, though. Transforming cards are a feature I’m a huge fan of, and this card has a great payoff in both forms. By default, it can act as soft removal, allowing you to cut down one of your opponents smaller troops with little risk to yourself, and once that lowly victim falls, she massively increases the effect of your entire deck by doubling all the damage you do. So, hardly a surprise that she made it into my top 5!

top 5 battlebeetle

That’s a big bug (click to enlarge)

The recently revealed Battle Beetle makes it in to #4 of the top 5. I talked about this guy last time, and not much has changed since then! I’m a big fan of these large, smashy troops and sockets are obviously a great feature of Hex, so combining the 2 is an obvious win in my book! The combination of power and versatility makes this card a personal favourite.

Also the art is pretty hilarious too – two huge bugs riding around on an even larger bug, hunting a herd of deer through a forest. Good stuff.

top 5 uruunaz

This guy still isn’t your friend (click to enlarge)

Number 3 is Uruunaz, another card I’ve talked about before. My love of dragons is well documented at this point, so it should be no surprise that at least one of them made it into the top 5, and Uruunaz edges out the others because he’s such a badass. Also because he has fantastic art and a great effect, but mostly it’s the badass thing.

The art on this guy is obviously amazing. It’s used as one of the few wallpapers¬†available on the Hex website, and is probably the main piece of art of half the Hex fansites out there – he was even in the header of Casual Hex early on! On top of that his double-whammy effect is definitely a game ender – milling your opponents deck at a horrifying rate, and then bringing the dead troops back to life under your control when he attacks – nasty stuff. Really looking forward to trying this card out.

top 5 princess vic

Stabby stab stab! (Click to enlarge)

Princess Victoria is number 2 in the top 5. For the starters, both versions of the illustrations for this card are just beautiful, amazing pieces of art (you can see the second version on the Hex Vault slides I linked earlier, if you look closely.) It really highlights the level of quality that Cryptozoic are going for in every aspect of the game. There’s some nice thematic links with His Majesty, King Gabriel in the equipment, too.

What I really like about this card, though, is the way it can potentially change your entire game – if you have Victoria in your opening hand, her cost drops to zero. This means that, not only can you play her for free on your first turn, but her inspire effect will apply to every other troop in the game. If your opponent doesn’t deal with that very quickly, and every single troop you use ends up having Lifedrain, your health total is rapidly going to get out reach of even the most aggressive decks. Obviously you aren’t always going to get her in your starting hand, but the idea that if you do your entire game changes is what really makes this card stand out for me.

top 5 mushwocky

Big surprise, right? (Click to enlarge)

Is anyone really surprised that my number 1 card is The Mushwocky? If you are, this must be your first time reading the site (in which case, welcome!) Oh, he has his detractors, who will tell you that he just isn’t worth it, that he’s too easily destroyed or that 50ft tall mutant mushroom people just don’t have the Right Stuff, but none of that matters. The Mushwocky will just eat those people!

Seriously though, this card has one of my favourite pieces of art of any card in any TCG I’ve ever seen. I’ve said this before, but it really is true – it’s just brilliant. And the whole concept behind his effect hits all the right bits of my brain to make me love it, especially the little link in with the flavour text. I don’t think I need to say much more about this card – the entire of the first article on the site was dedicated to him.

So, those are my current top 5 cards. We’ve seen a big chunk of Set 1, but there are still plenty of cards left unrevealed to us, so who knows where these cards will stand once we have the full set list. Will The Mushwocky be toppled by another card? Stay tuned!

Community Spotlight

A whole bunch of great stuff has come out of the community recently, so here are a few highlights, but don’t forget that you always check out the Links page to find a lot of great sites with regularly updated content!

– HyenaNipples over at Hex Shuffle continues to write some great articles on deck construction and general strategy, the most recent ones being on the concept of Card Investment and Bluffing.

– The last day of DragonCon had another Hex panel with Cryptozoic, this one specifically about PvE. There’s some great info in there, and some cool card reveals, and once more Hex Vault has the hookup, slides and all. They also scored an interview with Chris Woods from CZE, which you can check out here.

– I already mentioned funktion’s video, but I’m going to do it again since this whole thing was his idea! A couple of days ago he also had a nice video about the first few card picks he would make in a Draft tournament, which you can check out here.

– If you like puzzles, there are currently two sites putting out regular Hex-related puzzles in which you have to play your way out of tricky situations! The guys over at Threshold are currently on their 4th puzzle, while the aforementioned Hex Shuffle recently put out their 7th puzzle. They’re great little exercises that will help you think about cards and strategies in ways you might not have considered before, so check them out if that sounds like your thing!

That’s all for today! Check back next time, when I reveal how by combining bacon and several hamsters, you can make your own Pork Elemental!

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Cards

  1. Great job, like I was saying, it’s a lot of fun to see what other people’s favorite cards so far are. To be honest I think it’d be honest if a bunch of the fansites all did their take on this. Not even for what the top 5 most playable cards are, just the ones that they as gamers are excited about.

    Also, I hadn’t even noticed that battle bug featured bugs riding it… that’s totally awesome and is the type of stuff that really hits me. Much like the tie in for the mushwocky flavor text, maybe I should appreciate him more because it’s definitely one of those cards that just oozes flavor (and perhaps eats it as well).

  2. Interesting picks….it is fun to see how everyones opinnion differs so widely, there are a lot of awesome cards out there…
    I already have 9 constructed decks i am itching to test.

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