I’ve recently been playing Magic 2014: Duels of the Planeswalkers, mostly to scratch that card game itch while we all wait for Hex, and one of the things I found interesting about it is that a lot of the decks in the game have a lot of synergy – there’s even a Card Synergy rating for each deck. This got me thinking about the kinds of synergistic relationships we’ll see between cards in Hex – there have been plenty of obvious examples, especially with the Dwarves and the Shin’hare, but what else is there? So today, I’m going to take a look at some cards that have interesting relationships to each other.

synergy mushwocky

Dinner time!

This one is pretty obvious, especially since both The Mushwocky and Runts of the Litter were 2 of the first cards revealed to us, but it’s still a good example of cards that have good synergy. Since you’re forced to sacrifice troops in order to pump up the Mushwocky, you’re obviously going to want to do away with the lowliest troops available – and what is lowlier than a 0ATT/1DEF Battle Hopper with no extra abilities? If you can play Runts of the Litter on the same turn, or maybe the turn before, you’re going to have 3 perfectly expendable troops available for the Mushwocky to devour, boosting him to a might 10ATT/10DEF all for the low low cost of 6 resources. Obviously there are other sources of Battle Hoppers – one of the major themes of the Shin’hare in Set 1 seems to be generating them – but the ability to create 3 of them in a single action for 2 resources is pretty tough to beat. Infact, if you’re going to GenCon, you’ll be able to try this combination out for yourself as it’s going be in one of the decks available to play there!

synergy wildroot

How d’ya like them apples?

Wild Root Dancer and Chlorophylia are both pretty impressive cards by themselves, but together the capable of being pretty terrifying. The synergy here is obvious – Wild Root Dancer gives another troop a permanent +2ATT/+2DEF boost, and Chlorophylia lets you create and play 2 resources, for an instant +4/+4. Add in the normal resource you would play for that turn, and you can pump one of your creatures by an incredible +6ATT/+6DEF in a single turn. This is powerful at any point, but if you can pull this off on turn 4 (the earliest you could do it under most circumstances) then you’re going to be in a very powerful position, especially if you can apply that boost to something with Flight or Crush. Combine it with Kishimoto’s Charge power, and you can push that even further!

synergy chimera

Nuts to you, unicorns, I’ve got two horns!

Few people have much good to say about Radiant Armor, but for troops like the Chimera Guard Outrider whose attack is tied directly to their defence, it’s the perfect fit, especially if you’re playing a pure Diamond deck. With 4 Diamond threshold, you can buff the Outrider to a mighty 8DEF, which means he also has 8ATT when he attacks – an impressive amount by any standard, more than enough even to slay a dragon. Not bad for some guy on a horse. Even better, Radiant Armor is Quick Action, so you could give your opponent quite the shock by doubling the power of your Outrider mid-combat!

synergy gambit

It’s like a clown car, but with wizards.

Now admittedly, this one is going to be tough to pull off. At a cost of 7 resources you may well be nearing the end of the game by the time you can even play the Prophet of Lodegan (though you might be able to draw that out, being Sapphire and all), and then you have to get him back out of your deck again after you play the Replicator’s Gambit on him. But just imagine if you do it – the Prophet gets copied 6 times, and then each Prophet creates an additional 3 Prophets, all of which enter the battlefield at the same time. It doesn’t matter who you’re playing against, even with only 1ATT, 24 troops entering the match at the same time is a game ender, and it’s unlikely that anything short of an Extinction will save them.

As I said, this is going to be a tough combo to pull off, and will likely need an effect that lets you search your deck for a specific troop to make it worth seriously trying, but even if you only ever manage it once, that one time will be a game you’ll remember forever.

Obviously these are just a few examples – Hex has a lot of scope for a great deal of synergy between cards, even in the ones we’ve seen so far. Just look at the Dwarves – almost every single Dwarf combos with Artifacts in a variety of different ways! Have you noticed a particularly potent combo that you want to share? Drop a comment below. That’s all for now!

Update: A couple of extra notes here. GreyICE pointed out in the comments that you probably won’t get all of those extra copies of the Prophet, only for the original one you play, due to the wording in the card. Additionally, a few people have suggested that the Radiant Armor/Outrider trick probably won’t work, but a post from a CZE employee on the forums (which you can read here) strongly suggests that it will work as I’ve mentioned.

8 thoughts on “Synergy

  1. I’m skeptical of the Radiant Armor trick. If this works like mtg then the +attack is only applied during the attack phase. From what we’ve seen with the Aeronaut the stack is pretty similar to mtg.

  2. The last combo fails. Prophet only creates copies if it is played FROM YOUR HAND. Based on the MtG language that Hex is clearly inspired by, 6 copies of Prophet will not create more copies – otherwise Prophet would be a one card infinite combo (each copy would create more copies, ad infinitum).

    You’d just get 9 copies of an overpriced creature. Better to use Replicator’s gambit along with some deck search on a cheap creature.

  3. I like the article though. And an interesting addition is Cerulean Grand Strategist and Master Beast Rider which can take the “+1/+1 when this troop exhausts” major gem.

  4. the wild root dancer combo might not work.
    it states play a ressource. With chlorophyllia you play a basicaction and not a ressource.

    • True, but that action creates 2 resources and then plays them. The fact that it specifically creates resource cards and puts them into play rather than just boosting resource count and wild threshold is what strongly implies it should work.

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