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As a follow-up to my Wild Speculation article, today I’m going to take a look at some more of the art we’ve have revealed, and try to make up a card for each of them!

First things first though – you’ve probably noticed that this has been the first post in over 2 weeks. If you follow me on twitter (or have read the twitter feed at the side of the site, there) you’ll know that this is because my connection crapped out on me, and for the last 2 weeks I’ve been completely unable to connect to the site. The timing of this was especially unfortunate, as it seemed to coincide with an overall lull in the content output of the Hex community – understandable since it’s been 2 months since the kickstarter finished, and still nearly 2 months until alpha – so hopefully no one thought that the site had been abandoned! Anyway, while it still isn’t completely fixed, my connection seems to have improved to the point that I can actually resume updating the site again. So, here we are!

So, a couple of weeks ago one of the Friday Hex updates was an art feature for the Humans, and in that update were 2 pieces of art for cards we’ve not yet seen, along with their names, so much as I did before I’m going to try and come up with some cards based on this art and the name!

cards lord adam

Grrr! I’m spooky! (click to enlarge)

This guy is called Lord Adam the Powerful, and was drawn by Filip Acovic, the same artist who did the art for Lord Alexander the Courageous and Princess Victoria. Now, we can assume a few things here. First of all, him being a Human, we’re going to assume he uses some kind of Inspire effect. He has an actual name, so we’re going to assume he’s Unique, and judging from the massive diamond he has at the top of his staff we’re going to go with the Diamond shard. So, lets try and come up with a card for this guy!

Lord Adam, the Powerful
Threshold: 3 Diamond
Cost: 3
Troop – Human; Unique
Inspire – As another troop with cost equal to or greater than Adam’s enters play under your control, it gets permanent “Whenever this card is the target of an Action played by an opponent, deal damage equal to the cost of the Action to a target Troop or Champion before that Action resolves.” Adam automatically gains this effect.

I like this effect because it provides some measure of defence against those pesky actions, and also seems to fit the overall protective theme of Diamond. I definitely think it’s sufficiently powerful to fit the cards name, but not so much so that it will make playing actions impossible for the opponent – 1 damage probably won’t stop someone playing a Burn if they need to, but if playing a Murder would cause your Champion or one of your Troops to take 3 damage, you might seriously consider whether or not it was something you actually wanted to do.

card tagday

You’re it! (click to enlarge)

This one is called Tag Day, and there’s a lot less to go on here than with Lord Adam. It’s obviously not a Troop, so we’ll go with a Quick Action, and it looks like the girl’s hairband thing is covered with diamonds, so lets stick with Diamond for this one too. Here we go!

Tag Day
Threshold: 2 Diamond
Cost: 2
Quick Action
Target Troop becomes “It.” Next time that Troop deals damage to an enemy Troop, the enemy Troop becomes It, and if it survives is returned to its owner’s hand. Only one Troop can be It at a time – if another copy of this card is played, the currently tagged Troop is no longer It.

I’ll be honest, this effect seems pretty unlikely to me, but I love the idea of a Troop being it, and having to go home if it gets tagged. It’s also a bit of a double-edged sword too, as once you’ve tagged an opponent, they will stay It, thus allowing them to bounce one of your own troops if they can get their troop back into play, and so the effect keeps passing back and forth for potentially the rest of the game. If someone from CZE is reading this, and Tag Day doesn’t already do this, I think you know what needs to be done!

The last card I’m going to do doesn’t have any art, and is actually a prototype name for a potential card from Set 2, taken from a list of cards in last weeks Hex Update. I loved the name so much though, that I just had to come up with a card for it! So, here is Wall of Bears!

Wall of Bears
Threshold: 2 Wild
Cost: 5
Troop – Wall
Defensive. Whenever Wall of Bears takes damage and isn’t destroyed, create an Angry Bear and put it into play. Wall of Bears then gets 0ATT/-1DEF.
“Wow, those bears sure do look mad.”

Angry Bear is a 2/2 Troop with Rage 1.

I find the idea of a troop that is a huge pile of bears that have gotten stuck together somehow hilarious – the fact that they get knocked off and start attacking you when you hit it is especially funny to me. Not really much else to say about that one!

Those are all the cards I’m doing today, but feel free to come up with your own ideas in the comments below (no prizes this time, sorry – maybe next time!)

Community Spotlight

Something I had planned on doing a couple of weeks ago, right before my connection died, was having a regular section that pointed out some of the other content being generated by the Hex community. I’m not sure how often I’ll do these; maybe every post, maybe once a week, we’ll see. But here’s the first Community Spotlight!

– As a follow-up from his Hex R&D update (the same one that gave us Wall of Bears!) Ben Stoll, Lead Designer on Hex, did an AMA on the Hex forums, and gave a lot of great answers to a lot of great questions. You can check it out here.

– Hex Shuffle have started creating Hex puzzles, the goal of which is to win the match in a single turn using the situation that is presented to you. There are 2 of them so far, and they are pretty interesting – you can check out the first one here and the second here.

– HexHunterMokog has a great new video in his Alpha Tech series that talks about the mechanics of Life gain and Lifedrain, which you can watch here.

– Mr. SeriousBsns has created a video titled Healp! What cards suit my style? designed to introduce new players to the different types of cards in Hex. If you’ve never played a TCG before, or don’t know which shards you will prefer, you can check this video out here.

That’s all for now. Assuming my connection holds up, look out for another update over the weekend! [Insert cheesy sign-off here]

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  1. …some of that art is new to me and just makes me more intersested in the upcoimg reveals…damnit i cant wait any longer …haha

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