Equipment of Interest 2

Time to look at some more interesting pieces of PvE equipment! Lets jump straight in!

equipment living totem

This thing is so crazy I don’t even (click to enlarge)

First up, the Living Totem, who was revealed to us in yesterdays card preview! The card itself is extremely potent, and both the pieces of equipment this thing can use have incredibly powerful effects. The Helm of Many Faces makes the ability affect all the Living Totems you have, whether they are in your hand, deck, graveyard or already in play. This is obviously most useful if you have more than one in play as you get an immediate effect for the cost of a single use, but is also a great way of boosting future potential of your card draws too.
The Battleborn Boots have a similar effect, though they cause the boost to apply to all of your troops in play (though not those in other areas.) Besides the obvious benefits of being able to give all your troops any one of those buffs, don’t forget that abilities like this can be used at any time in the same way as Quick Actions. This makes it very useful for massively disrupting a major attack or totally overpowering their blocking force. There are benefits to using both of these pieces of equipment at once, though personally I’d probably go with the boots alone and save the helm slot for another card.

equipment life siphon

Still not evil (click to enlarge)

Life Siphon is a fun card and I’m a big fan of it. It seems to get a mixed reaction from members of the community because it creates card disadvantage but I like it, and one of the pieces of equipment addresses that very problem! The Eye of the Soul-Leecher is a Legendary piece of headgear, and it’s pretty easy to understand why – Life Siphon itself is a variable cost card, so the more your pay to play it, the more powerful it becomes. This makes it very useful, especially in the later game where it could potentially finish off an opponent, but the equipment allows you to also create a troop whose attack and defence is equal to the cost too. So with this equipment, if you spend 8 Resources to cast Life Siphon then not only have you reduced your enemy’s health by 8 and increased your own by the same amount, you’ve also created an 8/8 troop and put him into play basically for free.

The rare gloves are less interesting for a couple of reasons – firstly they require you to have 2 copies of Life Siphon in your hand to start with, and you then have to discard one of them which puts you 2 cards down as well. Also, because you are essentially combining them into a single spell, you become much more vulnerable to any counter-spell cards your opponent might have. Still, the potential to deal a probably game-ending amount of damage in a single action can be pretty tough to ignore.

equipment te'talca

I WILL CUT YOU (click to enlarge)

Te’talca is great both because of her raw power (4/4 is pretty good) and her versatility – her transformation effect can also be used as some soft-removal. And, in her transformed state she doubles all damage you deal, which is going to make is very easy to overwhelm your opponent and win the game. Plus, who doesn’t love cards that transform into other cards? Anyway, the Pit Fighter Glove equipment is useful, giving her +1/+1 to her stats, but it isn’t very interesting. What is interesting is the Breastplate of the High Cleric. What exactly is the Gore Feast of Kog’Tepetl? What does it do? Well, we already know that Kog’Tepetl is the Primal of Mountains, and also the mountain around which the Orcs make their home. We also know that blood from the Orcs gladiator arena drains through small holes in the ground to directly feed Kog’Tepetl. So, based on these facts my guess is that the Gore Feast of Kog’Tepetl is something that increases the damage of your troops every time a troop is killed. Really though, we can’t know for sure until we see it for ourselves, but I find these equipment effects that have currently-enigmatic effects like this very interesting. And on that note…

equipment chaos key

Never trust a key with eyes (click to enlarge)

The Chaos Key! The spooky key-with-an-eye that is somehow related to one of the PvE dungeons! A quick read will tell you that The Avatar of Madness is the piece of equipment we’re interested in here. Just who or what is the Master of Chaos? What can it do? Mysteries abound! We already know that some card effects can change your champion into something else, so I assume this does something along those lines and changes your charge power. But does it do anything else? And what exactly is the charge power it gives you? Once again, we have no choice but to wait and see.

That’s all for today! In other news, I’ve finally got around to adding a Links page to the site! If you have a Hex-related website you want me to link to, feel free to get in touch – all I ask is that your site updates on some kind of regular basis. No one likes visiting a site just to find there’s been no new content in over a month!

4 thoughts on “Equipment of Interest 2

  1. I am so looking forward to hunting for legendary equipment, to help flesh out some cool deck ideas. Those Battleborn boots are a great piece. Also near the top of my list would be such items as Armageddon for Comet Strike, just to have the chance of doing 1000 damage on a turn, and the Seaguard Helm for the Kraken guard Mariner to fetch the Kraken. I also really like the Serpent’s Venom item for the Chimera Guard Captain for it’s deathtouch ability. and the pack raptor blade item that gives them card draw. Will be really a hunt to track these items across the PVE Experience.

  2. Yeah there’s lots of really great pieces of equipment out there. Plenty of scope to keep doing these kinds of articles!
    I actually considered putting the Kraken Guard Mariner in this one for his helmet, but Te’talca won out in the end. Maybe next time!

  3. You’ve got some great articles here! Love your work!

    Im really excited to see what sort of equipment I get in my tiers. Im hoping for those totem boots now. I hadnt seen that card, it must have been released recently, but my brain is buzzing for all the possibilities that could come!

  4. PvE is going to be crazy with all the equipment options unfortunately we won’t know all the details for quite some time :(..

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