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We’ve seen a lot of each major race in Hex’s world of Entrath, the Humans, Elves, Orcs and Coyotle of the Ardent and the Necrotic, Dwarves, Shin’hare and Vennen of the Underworld, but those aren’t the only races on Entrath – the world is practically teeming with life! So today we’re going to take a look at what we know about a few of the lesser-known races.

races shroomkin

Mushroom mushroom! (click to enlarge)

The Shroomkin are a race that seem to come up quite a lot here on Casual Hex, so I figured I would start with them! The basic story of the Shroomkin is that they used to live quiet, peaceful lives, until the Shin’hare were driven into the underground forests where they live, and were subsequently enslaved. Being the simple, peaceful-minded creatures that they are, the Shroomkin had no concept of how to fight back, and so the Shin’hare became their new, brutal masters.

The Shin’hare are a cruel and vicious race, so this rarely ends well for the hapless Shroomkin – they are worked to death as slave labour, used as fodder for Shin’hare Warlocks and their dark rituals, and even ground up into food and fed to the Shin’hare young. The most interesting thing about the Shroomkin though is the fact that they take on a variety of different forms. Most of them are the standard short mushroom-people we’ve seen, but there can be great variations in this – The Mushwocky is one example, a Shroomkin grown colossally large, but they also come in much smaller varieties, some just inches tall, and even in the shapes of various animals; those unfortunate individuals end up living their lives as beasts of burden.

We haven’t seen much in the way of cards for the Shroomkin – just the aforementioned Mushwocky, a small troop card¬†that grows with your Wild threshold, and the Mercenary Mooof (along with his friends) – so it’s tough to say if the Shroomkin cards will have a specific play style, but hopefully there will be enough cards to make a complete Shroomkin race deck an let them have a little payback!

race gargoyle

Grrrr! (click to enlarge)

We’ve learnt very little about the Gargoyles so far, but that’s not to say that we know nothing. As you would expect from Gargoyles, they are made from stone – just like the Dwarves, maybe there’s a connection there? – and despite their fearsome appearance they much prefer stealth and subtlety over brute force, acting as spies and thieves, able to expertly blend into the shadows or pose as decoration on buildings.

So many Gargoyles take up this line of work that they have actually formed their own spy network, known as The Ashen, apparently the largest group of spies on Entrath and lead by a mysterious figure known only as Mortar. During PvE, your character will be able to chose to join The Ashen (though if they do, they will be unable to join the Minotaur mercenary guild, the Hired Horns), so perhaps we will learn more about the Gargoyles there.

We’ve yet to see any cards for the Gargoyle race, so we can only speculate on what form they might take, but given their stealthy nature I would guess they learn towards effects that assassinate enemy troops and mess around with their decks or hands in some way. Guess we’ll have to wait and see on that count, though!

race goblin

My, what big teeth you have (click to enlarge)

The last race I wanted to talk about is the Goblins. Again, we know very little about them, but what we do know I found very interesting. The Goblins as a race are so cruel and depraved that the Necrotic never even considered asking them to join the Underworld Alliance – which should tell you something since they invited the Shin’hare! – and they enjoy perverting things from their original purpose into horrific new forms.

The thing that caught my eye about the Goblins was their “Horrorcrafting”, a specialised form of Blood Magic that allows them to warp and mutate their bodies into terrible new shapes. We already know that Hex has cards which can transform¬†into new states, so that got me thinking about different ways that Goblin cards could behave, perhaps starting out as a small, relatively weak troop, but suddenly transforming into a huge monster once supplied with enough magic. Maybe some Goblins evolve in stages much like the Ascetic Aspirant, gradually increasing in power over the course of the game. Even more horrifying, the thought that they might be able to work this magic on other cards, transforming Shin’hare or Humans or anything else into monstrous abominations! A power that effects card different based on what race they belong to would be very interesting.

So yes, the Goblins are a horrible and potentially very interesting race. Can’t wait to see some of their cards! That’s all for today, but if you need more Casual Hex in your life, feel free to follow me on twitter and say hello.

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  1. Shroomkin…will be most interested to see which way these guys trend…I am guessing a lot of random effects.

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