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So there was a bunch of great entries into the card speculation contest we’ve been running this week, and now it’s time to announce the winner!

First, there were a lot of great entries into the contest, so thanks to everyone who took the time to participate! It was tough picking a winner, but in the end the prize goes to the following card by Thallium45!

Underworld Malice
Basic Action
2 Blood Threshold
5 Cost
Effect: Target troop on your opponents side of the field is captured, but not under your control. Place 4 torture tokens on that card. At the start of your turn, remove one token and randomly reveal a card from your opponents hand. When no more tokens remain, the captured creature becomes under your control.

The concept of this card is great – slowly forcing a captured member of the enemy army into revealing information before eventually turning him to your side altogether is brilliant. It also becomes pretty amusing when you think about using a card like this on an enemy Dragon troop – you can just imagine a bunch of Shin’hare trying to get information out of a Dragon! Perhaps if this card actually existed, it would need a limit on the size of the troop? Anyway, it’s a great card idea, and for that Thallium45 wins the prize of 5 boosters! We may run more contests in the future, and I hope you’ll all enter those too!

In other news, the Hex update yesterday which marked the end of the contest revealed 2 previously unseen cards, Comet Strike and Unmerciful Tormentor. There has been a great deal of discussion about how useful these cards actually are throughout the Hex community over the last day or so, but what interests me the most is the illustration on the Comet Strike card.

contest comet strike

Kaboom! (click to enlarge)

If you have combed over every page on the Hex website as I have, you will probably have seen this piece of art before. I mentioned in the previous article┬áthat it’s possible that all the art we’ve seen on the Hex website might in fact just be art from cards we haven’t seen yet, and this lends further credence to that theory. In a future article, I may well have another round of speculation based on some of the other Hex art available that we’ve not seen cards for yet – made even more interesting by the fact that we won’t even have names to go on, so it will just be based on the art alone. There might even be a related contest! I’ll worry about that another day, though. Have a good weekend, Hexers!

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