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So today I’m going to look at some of the pieces of PvE equipment that have especially interesting or unusual effects. I will almost certainly be doing more posts in a similar vein in the future, as this is a pretty broad topic!

First up, the Wild Root Dancer!

wild root dancer equipment

Lord of the dance!

This is a fairly cool card in general, giving you the ability to lay out buffs on the rest of your troops as part of a frequent action, but what’s most interesting here is the Glimmerglen Helm, which lets you play an additional resource every turn. Now, admittedly, this ability’s usefulness will be fairly short-lived as you’re unlikely to have more than one resource in your hand for very long after playing this guy, but it’s interesting because it changes one of the fundamental rules of the game.

eruig equipment

Well who doesn’t love robots?

Next up, Eurig The Robomancer. This guy has some pretty great synergy in decks that rely heavily on artifact troops, and his Headgear of the Robomancer equipment is interesting for a couple of reasons. First off, it refers to someone called Wyatt, which is presumably the name of an older version of this card. I guess they decided Wyatt wasn’t a sufficiently Dwarfy name? A small glimpse into the development of Hex!
Secondly, and more importantly, once he has 10 or more attack, all of your artifact troops become invincible! With a 10/10 and an army of untouchable robots in play, victory will almost certainly be close behind. This could work especially well with the Worker Bot Factory and the Dwarf Champion who creates Worker Bots.

Tectonic break equipment


Tectonic Break’s legendary equipment, the Lightning Touched Gloves gets a mention just because of the shear insanity of its destructive potential. Without the equipment it’s bad enough, having excellent odds of removing all but the most hardy troops from the board (both yours and your opponents, don’t forget!), but add in the gloves, which cause the effect to target troops that are still in the deck, and this card could potentially remove every single troop from the game! Unlikely, granted, but possible none the less. Obviously you probably aren’t going to want to wipe out all of your own troops so this will be something that very rarely gets used, but if you were able to create a deck with no troops at all, I suspect this could prove a devastating ability to possess.

chimera guard equipment

He guards the Chimeras!

The Chimera Guard Captain is an odd card because by default he seems quite unassuming. Use either of his pieces of equipment, however, and things change quite quickly. The Lion’s Pride halberd adds a copy of the troop to your hand every time it damages a champion, and if that copy occurs after the +1/+1 effect, you will be getting increasingly powerful troops for the low cost of 2 resources. Get a couple of these into play and it will be very difficult for your opponent to stem that tide. The Serpent’s Venom legendary equipment is even more vicious than that, causing the lowly human to become slayer of gods, outright destroying any troop that he’s able to damage to! A very powerful ability, and even if he is killed in the process by using both pieces of equipment you’ll probably have another copy in your hand or in play anyway!

That’s all for today! In other news, you may have noticed that I’ve added a link to an RSS feed to the right of the main page, so those of you who are into that sort of thing can now be made away of updates as they happen! I’ve also added some more stuff to the glossary page. As I said previously, this will be an ongoing effort so if you have anything you want to see added, feel free to comment.

3 thoughts on “Equipment of Interest 1

  1. Serpent’s Venom is one of the pieces of equipment that has stuck out to me as well, because of that deathtouch like ability. It makes the Chimera Guard Captain a main target the AI must attend to.

  2. I have to admit focusing only on PvP cards. So this is my first time seeing Chimera Guard but he seems pretty amazing with the two pieces of equipment. I’d love to make a diamond PvE human deck in the future.

  3. PvE is going to be crazy with all the equipment options unfortunately we won’t know all the details for quite some time :(..

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