The Necrotic Are Not Evil!

A lot of the material about Hex that has been released so far has generally painted the Ardent races are good and pure, and the Underworld races as nasty, evil villains who must be stopped at all costs. Even Cory Jones, the head of Cryptozoic, has unequivocally said that the Underworld are evil! However, when it comes to the Necrotic, I’m not so sure.

First off, lets take a look at where the Necrotic come from. They were created when Hex crashed through the world of Entrath, and a large chunk of it ended up near the ancient burial crypts of human Kings and Nobles. The energy from the shards of Hex (hexing gems) caused these dead kings and nobles to wake up with no memory of their former lives. A little gruesome, perhaps, but not inherently evil.

As you can read on the story page for the Necrotic it took quite a while for the Humans to even realise they existed – it’s not like they immediately burst forth and started pillaging and destroying. They were quite content to go about their business in peace!


Whatever business that may be…

But once the humans do┬ádiscover them, what’s the first thing they do? They attack! And when they realise that attacking directly will ultimately lead to the creation of more Necrotic, they pay other races to attack them instead! Do these sound like the actions of a righteous and pure people doing their part to fight evil? Nope.

Lets take a look at some dates. The Necrotic came into existence when Hex hit, about 2300 years ago, and the humans started attacking them a few years after that. It was only 300 years ago when the Necrotic lead the Dwarves, Shin’hare and Vennen in the Underworld Invasion of the surface. The math here is quite simple – 2000 years of the humans attacking the Necrotic with barely a word of retaliation. 2000 years patiently enduring vicious human brutality before they finally decided enough was enough and took steps to stop the attacks. Now, I don’t know about you, but anyone who has 2000 years worth of patience sound like pretty decent folk to me!

Now, admittedly the other races of the Underworld are pretty evil, and there’s not much to say in defence of them on that count. The Shin’hare are obsessed with enslaving other races, the Dwarves are hell-bent on destroying the entire world and the Vennen are cruel, malicious spider demons. So maybe that makes the Necrotic evil by association? Of course not. They knew very well that they couldn’t properly stop the human attacks by themselves – they simply made what allies were available to them!

I can guess what you’re thinking now – “but the Hex gems were driving them to some unknown and probably evil purpose! It says so right there on the Necrotic story page!
Perhaps, but no one knows for sure. Maybe what the Necrotic were doing would have ultimately turned the world into some perfect paradise. There’s no way to know for sure, because the humans drove them to such violence before they were even given a chance!

So, long story short, I think it’s pretty clear here that the Necrotic are simply a misunderstood and persecuted people driven to acts of desperation in order to protect themselves, and the Humans are closed-minded hostile jerks who would rather see the entire world at war than to simply live and let live.

This post sponsored by the Necrotic Council for Above-ground Relations.


2 thoughts on “The Necrotic Are Not Evil!

  1. Really enjoying the blog so far! Reading this makes me think of the Forsaken in World of Warcraft in a way. They got lumped into the whole undead are evil campaign when they really just wanted to “live” their own undeath. Sort of a small grey area is where they belonged and sounds a bit like these guys are kind of like that.

    Anyway keep up the good work!

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