Welcome to Casual Hex!

Casual Hex is a website dedicated to discussing the more casual side of the Hex: Shards of Fate MMO/TCG. If, like me, you’ve been ravenously consuming all available material related to Hex you have probably noticed that most of the websites currently going are all largely focused around the more hard-core and competitive aspects of the game, going into great levels of detail about card ratios and probabilities and the like. And that’s great, there’s nothing wrong with that at all. But, there didn’t seem to be anyone discussing whether a given card was actually fun to use, commenting on the art on the cards or talking about how the card might work in a PvE environment. And that is what Casual Hex is all about.

To start with, I’ll likely be trying to post new articles once or twice a week, talking about the things that have been revealed during the Kickstarter, and discussing any relevant things that become available between now and the launch of Alpha. Once the game is available to play, I suspect there will be a lot more to post about (but I might spend all my time actually playing the game, so updates might stop entirely!)

For now, though, feel free to post comments on the kinds of thing you’d like to see on a casual-focused Hex website, and check out the first article!

And yes, the pun is intentional.

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