The Mushwocky!

For my first article on Casual Hex, I wanted to talk about what is by far my favourite card out of all those that have been revealed so far – The Mushwocky!

The Mushwocky

The Mushwocky is always hungry! (click to enlarge)

I love everything about this card – it’s a giant mushroom-person that eats rabbit-people to become more powerful! For starters, the illustration of the Mushwocky is great. It’s vibrant, has great character, and the hapless Shin’hare that’s about to be devoured whole gives you a sense of just how big this thing is. One thing I’ve noticed is that Hex cards don’t have an artist credit on them like the cards in most other TCG’s, which is a shame as I’d really like to see which other cards feature this particular artist.

The text on The Mushwocky is great too, and shows that Crytozoic aren’t afraid to have a bit of fun in that area, with an asterisk linking the in-game effects directly with the flavour text. And it’s a great effect too, giving the friendly mushroom-man a huge boost for each delicious Shin’hare it eats – sacrificing just a couple of them will give you an incredibly formidable beast on your side, and any more than that will probably leave you with a troop that can win you the game. Obviously you’ll actually have to be running a deck that is heavy on Shin’hare to get the most out of this guy – that is, unless your character happens to be wearing the Mossy Gloves!

The Mossy Gloves equipment will allow your Mushwocky to stray from its usual diet of bunnies, and into the delicious world of humans, orcs and anything else it can get its giant hands on. Dwarves? Sure! Robots? Why not! Dragons?! I probably wouldn’t recommend trying to feed a dragon to your Mushwocky, but that won’t stop it it from trying! The Mossy Gloves basically removes the need to run this card in a Shin’hare themed deck, and lets you use it anywhere you want. I also like that they continued the “If the Mushwocky is hungry” gag on the equipment previews – funny stuff! Of course, you’re still going to want to have a lot of disposable troops available if you want to play this card – all jokes aside, sacrificing a Dragon to your Mushwocky really would be a terrible idea.

The other piece of equipment available to this card, the Stalagmite Helm, lets you pollute the opponents deck while playing your Mushwocky, by filling it with Terrified Battle Hoppers. There’s no word on what those hoppers actually do yet, but if I were to guess I’d say they are either garbage cards that simply make your foe lose a card draw (by doing nothing), or they will actively boost the Mushwocky further by immediately being eaten. And 8 cards is a lot of junk to be putting into someone’s deck too, which means that if you have more than one of these things in your deck, with the Stalagmite Helm equipped they are still useful beyond the first time you draw one – though this is only true in PvE, as equipment isn’t usable in PvP matches.

So there you have it, the rare and elusive Mushwocky. Eater of rabbits, destroyer of worlds! I can’t help but wonder what kinds of achievements this card will have associated with it – I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

And remember – the Mushwocky is always hungry!

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